Windows Command Line Pipe To Clipboard

A quick post to cover a nice feature which people may not be aware of – the ability to pipe output from the Windows command line directly into the clipboard. It’s as simple as it sounds, we use the normal pipe function and then use the clip keyword. As an example let us run the … Read more

Active Directory Delegate Control to User Account

I’m in the process of rebuilding my home lab and right now I have reached the point where I need to join my VMware ESXi hosts to the Active Directory infrastructure that makes up my lab domain. To do this I will setup a service account with delegated control to join computers to the domain. Delegation … Read more

Linux Get CPU Information

This post is one of those ‘reminder’ types which is to help me remember the various commands able to retrieve the underlying CPU information on a Linux command line. In this instance the commands were executed on the latest version of Ubuntu server, purely because I happen to have a virtual machine with it installed running … Read more

Netdata Monitoring Solution

Good monitoring solutions are a must in any environment and the IT world is fit to bursting with them. Each has it’s pros and cons and in this post I’m going to look at a fairly recent solution called netdata. You install and run it on each system you want to monitor and then access that … Read more

Rename Windows Network Adapter with Powershell

I like my servers configured exactly the way I want – this extends even to minor things like the name of a network adapter interface. I’m slowly rebuilding my lab with the latest versions of ESXi and Microsoft Windows Server 2016. I noticed that my new 2016 servers were creating the network adapter with a … Read more

Supermicro IPMI SSL TLS Certificate Replacement

I’ve been meaning to replace the SSL/TLS certificates on my Supermicro servers IPMI (Intelligent Provisioning Management Interface) consoles. Now that I’ve upgraded the firmware on both units I think it’s about time I sorted the certificates as well. This is something I did at work some time ago and then handed over to our team … Read more

Get Windows NTFS Block Size

Windows systems write blocks of data to underlying storage – the size of these blocks is given various terms, for example – Block size Allocation unit Cluster size The important thing to consider is that this unit of allocation can have an impact on the performance of systems. By default Windows will format a disk … Read more

Trend Micro OfficeScan IIS 503.2 Error Work Around

One of my Trend Micro OfficeScan servers recently started to experience problems resulting in IIS 503.2 error messages being displayed. This was rather poor timing as I was actually in the process of migrating OfficeScan clients to this new server running version 12 or XG as they are calling it. After some work with Trend … Read more

WordPress Desktop App Buttons Not Working Fix

Oh the fun I’ve had recently with the WordPress desktop application! I’ve grown quite fond of using it and after I moved my website from one host to another I noticed certain things didn’t seem to be working quite right. One of the bugs involved the application basically crashing when using the mouse right-click button. … Read more