Blog Update August 2018

I’ve been in my new job for over a month now and it’s certainly been an interesting change.

For those who may not be familiar my previous employment was for a large public sector organisation and I have now moved to a private non-profit. There are similarities and also huge differences in the way the businesses are run and of course how IT functions and exists. My new boss certainly wasn’t wrong when he said there were many challenges for me to take on, perhaps that was an understatement! That being said I thrive off challenge and opportunity so while I may get frustrated at times I also see the possibilities and that makes me excited to work each day.

We plan to do a remote session with our service desk guys and hopefully a bit of training and mentoring for them. I really look forward to this as getting to talk about what I love doing and pass on experience is so fulfilling. I hope that anyone who has seen me present at an event will agree my enthusiasm comes across and I love what I do.

I am also a firm believer that we have a responsibility to pass on what we have learned. That might have something to do with the fact I’m a huge Star Wars fan and Yoda does indeed instruct us to do that very thing. Sadly I can’t work a keyboard and mouse with my mind (yet) but I can certainly talk to others and help them get skilled up faster.

I have been lucky to work with some very clever people who were happy to talk to me and help me improve my skills and knowledge – if you are in a position to do so then please, take a moment to enrich somebody else’s life and career.

Hopefully I will have some new technical posts in the very near future, I’ve been so focussed on work and a few things in my private life that I really haven’t had the time to dedicate to blogging or lab work. Fingers crossed I can get back into the swing of posting (hopefully) useful articles.

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