Why I’m Using VMware ESXi In My Home Lab

A question came to me recently concerning my use of VMware ESXi on my home lab servers rather than Microsoft Hyper-V. I should of course acknowledge there are other options such as Linux and various other hypervisors but let’s stay on point for now. At work I run both ESXi and Hyper-V, there are certainly … Read more

Changes to Microsoft Licencing in Windows Server 2016

We are still waiting for Microsoft Server 2016 to be released but there is information out now which outlines changes to the licensing model we are currently familiar with. This change is definitely something you want to make yourself familiar with as it could alter your hardware plans for future server purchases. First off let … Read more

Flash Reliability Study

If you have flash media deployed in your datacenter you have probably questioned the reliability of this medium. It goes without saying that the lack of moving parts certainly contributes to a reliable solution but flash has it’s own potential issues. The report I’m linking to below is both an interesting read and an insightful … Read more

HP 3PAR Quorum Witness Role

In this post we will look at deploying the HP 3PAR quorum witness – this is a vital system when running arrays with Peer Persistence synchronous replication as it allows us to arbitrate in a split brain scenario. First off what does it do and why do we care? The quorum witness is a virtual … Read more

HP Storage Products and the Leap Second

You may or may not be aware that there is a 1 second leap alteration coming up. This means systems will have their time changed by 1 second to account for the reduced rotational speed of our planet. All good stuff however some systems do not play well when their time alters. HP have an … Read more