Converged Networking–Current Thoughts May 2015

In my current environment we predominantly run HP blade servers with dual-port 10Gb CNAs (converged network adapters) in Fibre Channel over Ethernet mode (FCoE). This allows us to push all of our network and storage traffic down the same adapter and fabric. I know that converged networking is a great idea and it certainly has … Read more

HP 3PAR Disk Tier Sizing with Autonomic Optimisation

This is going to be a fairly short post outlining my thoughts and experiences with regard to 3PAR arrays using synchronous replication (Peer Persistence and Cluster Extensions or CLX) and the sizing of disk tiers. My current environment consists of two 7400 (2 node) 3PAR arrays running synchronous replication using Remote Copy over Fibre Channel … Read more

HP 3PAR Disk Upgrade Work

I’ve finished installing 10 x 1.9TB SSD and 10 x 900GB FC (Fast-Class as HP calls it) in one of the two arrays, tomorrow I will be installing the disks in our second array so that they are both in line again. I really can’t wait to let these new SSDs go to town on … Read more

HP 3PAR 3.2.1 Post Upgrade Notes

Last night I completed (with HP) upgrading the HP 3PAR array at one of our datacentres. The second array will be upgraded tonight bringing them both to InForm OS version 3.2.1MU2 (P07, P10, P11, P12). Two issues of sorts occurred during the work which I felt were worth mentioning. SSL Certificate Change Following the upgrade … Read more

Microsoft Webmaster Account Signup – Password Limitation

I just signed up to enable Microsoft webmaster tools for this site and while doing so encountered an interesting error message with regard to password length – I must say this surprises me greatly though to be fair this isn’t the first time I have come across this problem. I have previously liaised with other … Read more

HP 3PAR Management Console – 4.6.1 Release Notes Amusing Workaround

Possibly the most amusing ‘workaround’ I’ve seen this year and one I meant to post about earlier. If you had fun using the LDAP wizard with this particular version of the management console you will be pleased to know there was a fix to the bug. The fix has to be one of the funniest … Read more

Lab Update

It’s about time I rebuilt my home lab environment, currently it is a fully nested setup on a rather powerful workstation which does a great job of warming my office room. The plan is at some point to move to some dedicated hardware and storage but that requires money which at present (joys of a … Read more

HP 3PAR Simulator

*** UPDATE – PLEASE SEE MY LATEST POST DETAILING DEPLOYMENT OF THE 3PAR SIMULATOR *** *** ON VMWARE ESXI –  *** *** ON VMWARE WORKSTATION –  *** *** Configuration of Remote Copy over IP (RCIP) –   *** Currently downloading the HP 3PAR simulator – really can’t wait to get this thing up and running. … Read more

Hello world!

echo “Hello World!” write-host “Hello World!” After all, every IT engineer learns how to say “Hello World!” in some language or another. Hopefully over time this site will evolve and be filled with useful information, only time will tell of course :)