Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager

I was speaking to somebody recently about how they connect to many remote Windows systems – in this instance they were opening up multiple MSTSC.exe windows and connecting that way. This is something I had done in the past till I came across the Remote Desktop Connection Manager software from Microsoft. It’s a great tool … Read more Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Compress Symbols Files To Save Space

If you’re like me and you have a number of debugging tools (WinDBG, Sysinternals tools, etc) you more than likely have a locally cached copy of the publicly available symbols. This certainly helps speed things up as you don’t have to query the online Microsoft repository every time you use one of these tools, however … Read more Compress Symbols Files To Save Space

Sysinternals Du

This post covers the Sysinternals tool Du – Directory disk usage reporter. It is the second post in a series covering the Sysinternals suite of tools to help people discover new ones they may not have used before. What is Directory disk usage reporter? Directory disk usage reporter will be very familiar to those who have used … Read more Sysinternals Du

Regular Expression Creation Tool

Regular expressions are very powerful and often useful in a variety of situations. If like me you find it difficult to remember the syntax and parameters when creating regEx this website will be a fantastic aid – Here we have a screenshot of the initial page with some sample text and a basic expression. Of … Read more Regular Expression Creation Tool

Sysinternals TCPView

This is the first post in a series covering various Sysinternals tools – today we will look at TCPView. What is TCPView? If you are familiar with the netstat command you can consider TCPView as a graphical version TCPView displays both IPv4 and IPv6 TCP/UDP connections on your system alongside the process which owns them. … Read more Sysinternals TCPView

BCDEDIT – Boot Configuration Data Store Editor

I recently had to troubleshoot an interesting problem which required me to reboot a server into safe mode a number of times. While I was hammering away on the F8 key during the boot phase I wondered if there was a different way to change the boot menu to avoid the key spamming. That’s what brought … Read more BCDEDIT – Boot Configuration Data Store Editor

Network Device Reload in x

Today I was talking to a colleague about an issue at one of our sites, unfortunately a change had been made which brought down the network in that building. Basically some port changes were being made and unfortunately an engineer made the change to a port which was a member of a port channel and … Read more Network Device Reload in x

Greenshot Screen Capture Tool

If you’ve seen previous posts on my website you will no doubt be familiar with the common use of white boxes in screenshots to obfuscate information taken from production systems. Most of my articles are written based on my work meaning the screenshots have sensitive data in them which I want to hide. It’s only … Read more Greenshot Screen Capture Tool

HPE 3PAR Management Console Secure Connection

If you have used the HPE 3PAR management console (IMC) you will know that the logon prompt has a tick box for ‘Secure Connection’. In this post I will demonstrate why you should not connect without this option selected. This post is specific to the traditional IMC client which is being deprecated in favour of … Read more HPE 3PAR Management Console Secure Connection

HP 3PAR Alerts

Let us look at how to review the alerts on a HP 3PAR SAN. CLI Once you have connected to the 3PAR via your product of choice over SSH you can use the showalert command to get a listing of the current alerts. If you wish to see help information for this command then you … Read more HP 3PAR Alerts