Network Device Reload in x

Today I was talking to a colleague about an issue at one of our sites, unfortunately a change had been made which brought down the network in that building. Basically some port changes were being made and unfortunately an engineer made the change to a port which was a member of a port channel and … Read moreNetwork Device Reload in x

Greenshot Screen Capture Tool

If you’ve seen previous posts on my website you will no doubt be familiar with the common use of white boxes in screenshots to obfuscate information taken from production systems. Most of my articles are written based on my work meaning the screenshots have sensitive data in them which I want to hide. It’s only … Read moreGreenshot Screen Capture Tool

HPE 3PAR Management Console Secure Connection

If you have used the HPE 3PAR management console (IMC) you will know that the logon prompt has a tick box for ‘Secure Connection’. In this post I will demonstrate why you should not connect without this option selected. This post is specific to the traditional IMC client which is being deprecated in favour of … Read moreHPE 3PAR Management Console Secure Connection

HP 3PAR Alerts

Let us look at how to review the alerts on a HP 3PAR SAN. CLI Once you have connected to the 3PAR via your product of choice over SSH you can use the showalert command to get a listing of the current alerts. If you wish to see help information for this command then you … Read moreHP 3PAR Alerts

List Windows Server Roles and Features with PowerShell

I’m sure for anyone who administers Microsoft Windows Server the Server Manager console is an all too familiar place. It does make it easy to add/remove roles and features however PowerShell is another great option that can really speed things up at times. So – what can we do with PowerShell to list the roles and … Read moreList Windows Server Roles and Features with PowerShell

Recycle IIS App Pools

We have a system which regularly requires the IIS app pools to be recycled, I haven’t yet gotten round to writing this in PowerShell or scripting with some form of orchestration software. For now it’s just a good old batch script. I’m going to remove most of the script and just leave the important lines … Read moreRecycle IIS App Pools

WSUS – DMZ Server

I have a virtual machine in a DMZ which is not part of my Active Directory domain however I want to configure it to point at my internal Windows Server Update Services VM (WSUS) server for patching. If it had been in AD I would have deployed a GPO however that not being an option I … Read moreWSUS – DMZ Server

ESXi NTP PowerShell Script

I wanted a quick way to configure NTP settings on a number of VMware ESXi hosts across two datacenters. Hosts in site A should point to the NTP source locally primarily and to site B NTP as a secondary source and vice versa for hosts in site B. The following isn’t perfect and a lot … Read moreESXi NTP PowerShell Script

Egress Switch – Large File Repository Cleanup

For sending encrypted e-mails and large files to external parties I use Egress Switch which we have deployed internally rather than using the cloud service. I like the product and it’s ease of use and functionality but that’s not what I want to talk about in this post. If you have deployed this product yourself with the … Read moreEgress Switch – Large File Repository Cleanup