Identify SQL Table Disk Space Usage

I recently came across an issue where one of our database servers had exhausted it’s drive space and the application had failed due to this. In this instance, it happened to be a server running one of our SolarWinds monitoring databases. We had recently extended the disk space by 50GB and this was consumed in … Read more

VMware vCenter – Another Task Is Already In Progress

If you’ve ever tried to execute a task in vCenter only to be told that another task is already in progress but you can’t see it then this post may be of use to you. In this example I tried to initiate a removal of all snapshots against a target virtual machine – vCenter then … Read more

vSAN host cannot be moved to the destination cluster: vSAN cluster UUID mismatch

This is a very quick post regarding the error message received below when attempting to add a VMware ESXi host with an existing vSAN partition to a new vCenter. The vSAN host cannot be moved to the destination cluster: vSAN cluster UUID mismatch In my case the complete error is as follows – Add hostStatus: … Read more

pfSense Routing Loop Fun

I recently upgraded my pfSense appliance to the latest code release (currently 2.4.4-RELEASE (amd64)) and since doing so I’ve had a few strange occasions where my devices are unable to access the Internet or more precisely certain ports are working while others do not. Let me explain further and then explain what I’ve done which … Read more

Specified operation failed with LDAP error: 00000005: SecErr: DSID-03152612, problem 4003 (INSUFF_ACCESS_RIGHTS)

I’ve been working with Dsacls (Directory Services Access Control Lists) recently as part of a project to enabled permissions on a custom app which will synchronise an HR system with Active Directory. To ensure safe testing we cloned a DC and the application server which will run the code into an isolated network which could … Read more

vCenter OVF Deployment Fails Access-Control-Allow-Origin Header Error

*** VMware Update *** This issue has been reported to engineering. They are currently working on it and have scheduled the fix for 6.5 u2 which has been scheduled for release in Q2 We’ve been having some fun deploying OVF files to our VMware vCenter appliance environment lately. Historically this has worked just fine but … Read more

Kali Linux Update Fails – Key Outdated

If like me you have Kali Linux installations you may have come across a slight problem recently whereby the public key had expired resulting in an error when attempting to update. You likely received something similar to the example below when attempting an apt update – root@kali:/# apt update Hit:1 debian-stretch InRelease Get:2 … Read more

HPE CLX Virtual Machine Protection Fails

Recently a colleague was attempting to configure the cluster extension protection (CLX) which is required by our Active/Active HPE 3PAR storage setup. Our Microsoft Failover Clusters are stretched over geographically separate sites and the Cluster Share Volumes (CSV) are spread over the 3PAR storage arrays in each site. We use the CLX software to manage … Read more

Trend Micro ScanMail Virtual Analyzer Connection Troubleshooting

I’ve been working on our Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer (DDAN in Trend parlance) and today I finally finished off the virtual image which it will use to sandbox suspicious files/URLs. Having finished that work I figured I’d take a look at integrating our Trend Micro ScanMail for Exchange (SMEX) systems so that e-mails can … Read more