Changing Times – New Job

It’s amazing how quickly time passes by – I find it hard to believe I’ve been working for my current employer over 5 years now. All of that comes to an end in a few weeks when I will be moving to a new job. It will be sad to leave the team I work in, I think it’s definitely one of the best I’ve ever had the privilege to be part of and I really do wish them the best.

I’ve always been careful to avoid saying where I work and exactly what I do which is partly for my own blogging benefit and also because in some instances employers have essentially placed that as a requirement on me. This has been most apparent when speaking at events; I think the only time I’ve been able to say where I work is when presenting at a closed-door conference with non-disclosure agreements in place.

Moving forward I think I will probably try to retain a degree of anonymity – it can be useful to allow one to talk freely and provide an opinion on matters without the concern that people will mistake it for an employers views.

Some people have asked what my new role is and what it will involve. I can tell you that the job title is “Senior Infrastructure Specialist” and is essentially what I do today though I imagine the scope will increase due to the team size and work required at the new place. I know the usual computer/storage/fabric/security/etc work will happen and no doubt many other things as well. It’s all rather exciting and I can’t wait to get started and hopefully bring value to a new organisation and business sector. Contrasting the two businesses (current and future) I can already see areas which may be similar and others which will be wildly different. I have to say it is both exciting and scary thinking about the move and change. The book “Who moved my cheese?” is a fantastic read when one faces change and I strongly recommend you check it out.

I hope that this new role will bring plenty more interesting things to write and share on my blog, I have quite a few posts I need to finish and publish already – hopefully I will get some time to complete them over the next few days and weeks.

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