HP 3PAR 3.2.1 Post Upgrade Notes

Last night I completed (with HP) upgrading the HP 3PAR array at one of our datacentres. The second array will be upgraded tonight bringing them both to InForm OS version 3.2.1MU2 (P07, P10, P11, P12).

Two issues of sorts occurred during the work which I felt were worth mentioning.

SSL Certificate Change

Following the upgrade the 3PAR Management Console, StoreServ Management Console (SSMC) and my CLX clients all reported certificate issues.

Certificate Alert

Certificate Alert

Certificate Alert


This is rather annoying – the array creates a new self-signed certificate causing management systems and clients to stop trusting it till we perform connection tests and accept the new certificate.

You may wonder why the array certificate was not replaced before with one from our internal CA – the simple answer is our array would not allow us to do so due to a bug. Now that we have migrated to 3.2.1 the options which previously returned errors now show correctly.


Physical Service Processor Boot Issues

The 3PAR array has a 1U rack mount HP server called a Service Processor or SP. This is used to perform management tasks and allow HP themselves to connect in and ‘do stuff’.

Typically the SP will have a serial cable hanging from the back of it for use by engineers. If this is the case then you may find when the SP is upgraded to the latest software revision that it fails to boot properly.

It will get stuck at the GRUB loader screen and require some intervention. This could be either going to site or if you are sensible like me and have your iLO’s configured using that instead to remotely ‘enter’ at the GRUB screen to continue booting.

3PAR Service Processor GRUB Loader Screen

The issues above are frustrating but in the grand scheme of things they aren’t that bad.

Certificate changes can be a nightmare with CLX systems as it can cause issues moving things around but this isn’t the first time our arrays have done this so we were prepared and the rest of the team know how to resolve the issue now.

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