HP 3PAR Cage Degraded and the Upgradecage Command

I came across a fault yesterday with one of the 3PAR arrays under my management. Logging onto the SAN with the management console I discovered one of the cages showing as degraded as shown in the screenshot below –


As you can see cage0 is unable to report on the firmware status of either card and therefore reports a degraded state. While the cage shows as degraded everything was working as expected so we didn’t have a service impact.


First I connected to the array via SSH and ran the showcage command, appending the cage name to the end to filter my results to the degraded unit.

[additional command output removed]


We can see that the firmware status shows as Unknown however the rest of the output is normal.

The next step involved running the command upgradecage which downloads the latest compatible firmware from the array to the designated cage(s). The command output is shown below –

As you can see the command completed successfully and the firmware was installed. With this step complete we now run the showcage command again to check the output.

[additional command output removed]

The firmware now shows as current and the degraded state is no longer displayed within the management console as per the screenshot below –


This was my first use of the upgradecage command and I’m glad to say it went smoothly and without issue.

The full help for this command is detailed below –




9 thoughts on “HP 3PAR Cage Degraded and the Upgradecage Command”

  1. Hi Rajesh/Alex

    We are facing this problem when one of our cages is showing degraded, with the firmware state of unknown. Support seem unsure that it won’t cause an outage and the notes of the upgradecage command show ” When the upgradecage command is issued, the drive cage becomes temporarily unavailable.” . Can i please ask both of you if you had any outage when you ran the upgradecage command or did you do it whilst working live?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Steve,

      I can only say that we never experienced an outage to a cage when performing this work. I’m wondering if they are meaning that you may see one path to the cage go down while that interface is upgraded. Assuming the system has been cabled correctly this wouldn’t be a problem. Of course I have to say go with support but perhaps ask them to escalate the matter. I’ve had some strange advice or statements in the past that were later changed when a more senior person got involved.

      Definitely be interested in hearing what they say if you do escalate.


  2. Thanks Alex, i have spoken with a Pro Services contact now who believes it will be fine working online, the wording refers to one path at a time. Of course the proof is in the pudding, so I will let you know how it goes when we do the upgradecage.


    • Exactly what I thought, yes should be fine. I’ve been through so many upgrades all on ‘mission critical’ systems and we never had an issue so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

    • Yeah it isn’t the best. Perhaps they are using it as a catchall in case people have not cabled things properly. Either way the power of the Internet to the rescue :)

        • My pleasure, glad I could help – check out the 3PAR simulator if you haven’t already, handy to mess around with though it is limited in what can be done with it. Any other questions or issues feel free to get in touch.


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