HP 3PAR Management Console – 4.6.1 Release Notes Amusing Workaround

Possibly the most amusing ‘workaround’ I’ve seen this year and one I meant to post about earlier. If you had fun using the LDAP wizard with this particular version of the management console you will be pleased to know there was a fix to the bug. The fix has to be one of the funniest I’ve ever seen, details below –

1.4 Known Issues with the HP 3PAR Management Console

The HP 3PAR Management Console UI LDAP configuration wizard might hang if users enter characters quickly and randomly in the “Group DN” or “User Group DN” fields.

Workaround: Type slowly when entering data for these fields.

Yep – that’s it, just type slowly… though they do neglect to address what is considered as typing ‘randomly’, either way definitely a classic.

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