HP 3PAR Simulator License Expiration Issue

I’ve received quite a few messages and comments with regard to the HP 3PAR simulator and a license issue. Basically HP have to include a time license for compliance reasons. They are currently working to upload an updated version of the simulator for us all to download and enjoy.

For the moment the simplest work around for those of you experiencing this issue is to modify the date/time value for the virtual machine in its BIOS. If you set this value to say last year you should be able to proceed with the simulator.

It’s not an ideal situation but I appreciate HP have their reasons.

Below is an example screenshot of what you may see when using VMware ESXi. Please note this is a copy of the simulator that has been running for some time, a new install may display a different screen.

3PAR Simulator License Expired

As above, if you enter the BIOS for the virtual machine you can modify the date to be 1 year prior, this should then allow you to install/use the simulator at least until a new version is released.

3PAR Simulator License Expired BIOS screen


I will write a new post when the new simulator release occurs.

8 thoughts on “HP 3PAR Simulator License Expiration Issue”

  1. Hello Alex,

    still have the error simulator license Expired after modifying the date to be 1 year prior.

    Any help ………..

    • OK that’s something I will have to look into. I know there isn’t a newer version of the simulator available so we may find ourselves stuck. I will deploy a new instance of the simulator and see what I can do.


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