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Not too long ago I did a quick review of the HP 3PAR Vision monitoring software from http://www.3parvision.com/

I received an e-mail informing me a new version had been released and today I’ll give another quick overview of the product, it’s changes and my opinion.

The original review can be found here – https://www.bytesizedalex.com/hp-3par-visionmonitoring-solution/


I’m really glad to see the installer is now digitally signed. The previous version I trialled was not signed resulting in warning messages at installation. Personally I feel all software distributions should be signed to help users verify the source and validity of a package before installation.

3PAR Vision Installer Digital Signature

The installation routine appears to have been updated as the package is now a .EXE file with a slightly different install process. As before installation is quick and easy which is always good.

I’m not going to cover the setup of arrays in Vision as I did this in the previous post. I will say that it is just as easy as before.

New Dashboards

Once you have configured Vision and launched the console you will see that there are some new dashboards that exist in our default view.

We now have a ‘Real-time’ and ‘Unusual events’ dashboard in addition to the 5 previous default dashboards. You can also add your own dashboards to allow for a more customised view of data.

3PAR Vision Home Dashboard

The ‘Real-time’ dashboard is exactly as it sounds, a real time view of performance data. You can mopdify various chart properties using the ‘cog’ symbols. Attributes like refresh period, colours and number of bars to show can all be manipulated.

3PAR Vision Real-time Dashboard

Next we have the ‘Unusual events’ dashboard which is basically just a list of events from the array. We have the option of dismissing events. Unfortunately you can’t do anything more than this – if you click an event you don’t get any additional information or options. This is a shame as it would be really nice to click on it and get the event details as you would in the 3PAR Management Console or SSMC. As it stands this dashboard tells me there is something wrong but to get more info I have to logon to the HP 3PAR management tools – really I should be able to bring this information up in Vision to make it a single point of access.

3PAR Vision Unusual Events Dashboard

I’m pleased to see some additional options for the charts in the ‘Adaptive optimisation’ dashboard. In my previous post I lamented the fact the ‘Virtual volume tiers’ chart didn’t provide any real options for filtering or showing more volumes and their usage of different autonomic optimisation (AO) tiers. It is now possible to expand the number of volumes displayed as I have in the screenshot below. There still aren’t any options to filter this to specific volumes, we can only select how many of the top volumes to list from 2 – 50. Again I think this is a shame as the volume you are interested in may not be in the top ‘x’ that you can display.

3PAR Vision Adaptive Optimisation Dashboard


The rest of the software looks pretty much the same to me though I must say I’ve really struggled to find a change log on the 3PAR Vision website so I can’t comment on what changes have been made that I may have overlooked.



I like the way this product is developing and they have certainly added some nice new dashboards. I would love to see greater control over the information displayed, especially in the AO reports as I feel this could bring real benefit to administrators. The ‘slideshow’ that the program does, moving between dashboards in full screen mode is pretty nice and would work well on any service desk monitoring screens.

As mentioned in my previous post I can certainly see a place for this product with administrators who are not familiar with the HP 3PAR management and reporting tools. For myself, I think the existing HP tools I have provide me with greater depth and control over the information I can use. That being said I have been using these tools for years and spent much of my time administering various SANs whereas colleagues who have not would likely prefer Vision.

I would happily recommend this product to people where I felt it was appropriate for their skillset and requirements however if you’re a 3PAR administrator with some experience you may not feel there is yet sufficient features to pull you away from your traditional administration tools.

I’d love to know who Vision talk to and liaise with in terms of developing this product and would happily discuss my thoughts and suggestions further with them.

3PAR Vision website – https://www.3parvision.com/

Antemeta Website (creators of Vision) – http://www.antemeta.fr/en/Vision

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