HPE 3PAR Change DNS Settings

I recently setup a DNS iApp on the F5 load balancers in my datacenters and felt it was time to migrate the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 3PAR storage arrays DNS to point to this new virtual IP (VIP) rather than to the static DNS server it currently used. I will demonstrate the command line syntax for checking existing DNS settings as well as for adding and removing a DNS server entry from the 3PAR array configuration.


Check Existing 3PAR DNS Settings

To check the existing 3PAR DNS settings via the command line we can leverage the shownet command as below.

BSA-3PAR01 cli% shownet
IP Address     Netmask/PrefixLen Nodes Active Speed Duplex AutoNeg Status    01      1  1000 Full   Yes     Active

Default route :
NTP server    :
DNS server    :
BSA-3PAR01 cli%


We can see the current DNS settings point the array to, we can also check via the GUI – be it the traditional IMC or the newer StoreServ Management Console (SSMC).

3PAR Network Settings

3PAR Network Settings



Change 3PAR DNS Settings

Now that we have checked our existing settings we can add or remove DNS servers from the existing list as appropriate. I will demonstrate both the addition and removal of DNS server IP addresses. It is always prudent to add any new DNS servers before you remove existing ones. It goes without saying you should also be confident the array has network connectivity to the DNS server IP address.

The command we will leverage is the setnet command, I’ve added some of the help output below, it is rather lengthy so I have removed some to aid reading for this topic. To gain help information we just use the help command in front, e.g help setnet.


BSA-3PAR01 cli% help setnet
setnet - Set administration network interface configuration

    The syntax for the setnet command can be one of the following:
        setnet startaddr <old_IP> <new_IP> <new_netmask>|<prefix_len>
        setnet startgateway <new_gateway>
        setnet finish [-f]
        setnet abort
        setnet cleargateway [-f]
        setnet speed <IP_addr> auto|<mbps> <duplex>
        setnet failoverping <IP_addr> {<ping_addr>|none}
        setnet ntp {none | [-add|-set|-remove] [-force] <server_addr>}
        setnet changenode [<node_ID>]
        setnet addaddr <old_IP> <new_IP> {<new_netmask>|<prefix_len>}
        setnet removeaddr <old_IP>
        setnet dns {none | [-add|-remove] <server_addr>}
        setnet disableports {yes|no}

dns {none | [-add|-remove] <serveraddr>}
        Specifies the DNS server the system should use to resolve host
        names. The server must be specified as an IP address.


Add DNS Server

To add a new DNS server entry we use the setnet command with the dns –add [IP Address] command.

BSA-3PAR01 cli% setnet dns -add
DNS server successfully updated.
BSA-3PAR01 cli%


Remove DNS Server

To remove an existing DNS server entry we use the setnet command with the dns –remove [IP Address] command.

BSA-3PAR01 cli% setnet dns -remove
DNS server successfully updated.
BSA-3PAR01 cli%


Check DNS Server Settings

Finally we can again check the settings to see our changes.

BSA-3PAR01 cli% shownet
IP Address Netmask/PrefixLen Nodes Active Speed Duplex AutoNeg Status 01 1 1000 Full Yes Active

Default route :
NTP server :
DNS server :
BSA-3PAR01 cli%


When you make a change on the command line you may need to refresh your GUI management console to see the new setting immediately.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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