Kali Linux Update Fails – Key Outdated

If like me you have Kali Linux installations you may have come across a slight problem recently whereby the public key had expired resulting in an error when attempting to update. You likely received something similar to the example below when attempting an apt update –

I must admit I don’t update Kali as often as I should but then again I have a large number of systems/applications/problems to take care of so it’s hardly the top of my priority list. Thankfully the solution to this problem is as simple as importing the new public key and running our update again.

First we will add the new key using the command wget -q -O – https://archive.kali.org/archive-key.asc | apt-key add

It’s important to note that the space between the hyphen and the URL is intentional so please keep that in mind when entering the command.

Now that’s done we can run our update again to see if there are any available packages –

That’s more like it, 463 packages for me to update! If you are curious what that .ASC file actually contains it’s simply the PGP public key as shown below.


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