Microsoft Server 2016 and System Center and SQL Oh My!

Well it’s finally here – Microsoft Server 2016 has been released and is now generally available (GA). I’ve been messing around with the technical previews since they first came out and I eagerly awaited the final release. It is now time for me to start rebuilding a large portion of my home lab environment and no doubt that will generate some posts. While work commitments do keep me busy with other things it will be nice to lavish some time on my lab kit and really start to push it’s abilities.

System Center 2016 has also been released and I’m tempted to deploy that into my lab to start pushing me into learning some of the System Center Configuration Manager ‘ins and outs’ – something I’m sure a work colleague would appreciate. I should probably have a mess around with the latest version of Orchestrator and Operations Manager while I’m at it.

SQL Server 2016 was also released a while back and I’ve been meaning to deploy that as well – so many things to build! I intend to build a few SQL clusters, some using ‘Always On Availability Groups’ and others with traditional failover cluster volumes.

Finally, I hope to have some new posts which relate to information security (infosec) especially certificate related and system hardening. I do also intend to create some more posts for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise 3PAR system as they are some of my most popular.


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