HP 3PAR Management Console – 4.6.1 Release Notes Amusing Workaround

Possibly the most amusing ‘workaround’ I’ve seen this year and one I meant to post about earlier. If you had fun using the LDAP wizard with this particular version of the management console you will be pleased to know there was a fix to the bug. The fix has to be one of the funniest … Read more

Install VMware Tools on Linux

A colleague asked me recently how to install VMware tools on a Linux virtual machine. Remember you should always consult the vendors documentation to confirm their preferred method for providing VMware tools type functionality. As well as the official VMware tools package you can also install the ‘Open VM Tools’ package. AgainĀ – consult the documentation … Read more

HP 3PAR Software Versions

If you wish to know what version of software/firmware is running on your 3PAR array you have a couple of options. CLI Connect to the array with your SSH client of choice Enter the command showversion

This will give you a summary view which is fairly high level and usually sufficient. Should you require … Read more

HP 3PAR Grow a Virtual Volume

One of the virtual volumes used in a Microsoft Failover Cluster was almost full (~43MB space left) therefore we needed to grow the virtual volume (VV) to prevent downtime or should I say minimise as some VMs were already in a paused state due to insufficient disk space. The virtual volume in question was not … Read more

HP 3PAR Cage Degraded and the Upgradecage Command

I came across a fault yesterday with one of the 3PAR arrays under my management. Logging onto the SAN with the management console I discovered one of the cages showing as degraded as shown in the screenshot below – As you can see cage0 is unable to report on the firmware status of either card … Read more

Microsoft Server Best Practices Analyzer Scan Results

First off as an Englishman I hate the use of ‘z’ in this way… It should be analyser but Microsoft being a US company I suppose I can’t really complain. I recently reviewed the ‘Best Practices Analyzer’ (BPA) results on one of our servers and decided that a number of the results could be safely … Read more

Trend Micro Deep Security Remove Old Licenses

If you are running Trend Micro Deep Security you may at some point add a trial license to your management server. This is something we did to demonstrate functionality and help to build a business case. One problem you will encounter is once the key expires you will begin to receive alerts which you cannot … Read more

HP 3PAR Battery Status

We currently have an active alert for a failed battery on one of our 3PAR arrays. This shows up in the alerts (see previous post) screen however we may want to see additional information. Log onto the 3PAR via your SSH client of choice and execute the command showbattery

This command provides some useful … Read more

HP 3PAR Alerts

Let us look at how to review the alerts on a HP 3PAR SAN. CLI Once you have connected to the 3PAR via your product of choice over SSH you can use the showalert command to get a listing of the current alerts. If you wish to see help information for this command then you … Read more