HPE Discover 2016 Slides and Presentations

I meant to post this shortly after the HPE ‘Discover’ event in London last December but unfortunately it slipped my mind and it was only this week when I went looking for a particular presentation that I remembered. For anyone who attended the event I’m sure you had a great time and came away with … Read more

HPE Purchase Nimble Storage

Well this is an interesting and unexpected announcement – Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are to purchase Nimble storage. This is in addition to the recent acquisition of Simplivity which is a player in the hyperconverged market. We already have 3PAR storage arrays at various price points with the current 8200 as the entry level with … Read more

Infrastructure as Code – The Journey Begins

I’m sure there are many of you who will be familiar with the arduous nature of spinning up many new systems on a regular basis. There is certainly a lot which can be done to automate that process but once the server is running (let us assume it is a virtual machine) you still need … Read more

UK Public Sector DNS Service

Today the UK government (via the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)) announced that the DNS service it has been working on for public sector organisations within the country is now available. This is an interesting move and I think it’s worth discussing. First let me provide you with some useful links for background reading – https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/news/uk-public-sector-dns-service … Read more

SHA1 Collision Finally Occured

Well it was bound to happen eventually – the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA1) has finally been broken in so much as a team of researches at Google managed to generate a collision. If you aren’t sure what that means consider that the idea of a hashing algorithm is to take a variable length input and … Read more

Windows Command Line Pipe To Clipboard

A quick post to cover a nice feature which people may not be aware of – the ability to pipe output from the Windows command line directly into the clipboard. It’s as simple as it sounds, we use the normal pipe function and then use the clip keyword. As an example let us run the … Read more

Active Directory Delegate Control to User Account

I’m in the process of rebuilding my home lab and right now I have reached the point where I need to join my VMware ESXi hosts to the Active Directory infrastructure that makes up my lab domain. To do this I will setup a service account with delegated control to join computers to the domain. Delegation … Read more

Linux Get CPU Information

This post is one of those ‘reminder’ types which is to help me remember the various commands able to retrieve the underlying CPU information on a Linux command line. In this instance the commands were executed on the latest version of Ubuntu server, purely because I happen to have a virtual machine with it installed running … Read more