Requests for 2017

As a blogger I tend to write about whatever comes to mind or I happen to be working on – obviously this can make for quite a variety of topics. I’m more than happy for anyone who reads this regularly to drop a request in the comments or via the feedback option on my ‘Contact Me’ page.

I have plans for quite a few posts but they are all reliant on my home lab being completed and right now it is seriously in need of storage especially central storage to make my constant rebuilds and OS changes less of a pain. At the moment just having a few local disks in my servers limits my ability to hold onto stuff as I jump from VMware to Hyper-V or whatever else takes my fancy that weekend. Ultimately I want to be in a position where storage is no longer a problem but that requires some investment which I need to save towards. Hopefully once it’s done I can churn out more posts!

Anyway as above if you want to see anything particular or have any suggestions get in touch.

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