HPE 3PAR Logical Disk Not Mapped to Virtual Volume

I came across this issue while reviewing the output of the checkhealth –detail command run from the 3PAR command line. This command provides a more detailed view (as per the switch) of any health issues including those experienced in the Logical Disk (LD) subsystem.  The specific error ‘LDs not mapped to a volume’ may happen … Read more

HPE 3PAR Change DNS Settings

I recently setup a DNS iApp on the F5 load balancers in my datacenters and felt it was time to migrate the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 3PAR storage arrays DNS to point to this new virtual IP (VIP) rather than to the static DNS server it currently used. I will demonstrate the command line syntax for … Read more

HPE 3PAR Interrupt Coalescing

I’m currently working on a case with HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) 3PAR support with regard to excessive retransmit errors on our Remote Copy Fibre Channel (RCFC) connection between two 7400 arrays. While troubleshooting we found that a required option was not set appropriately – namely interrupt coalescing on the RCFC ports. In this post I … Read more

HP 3PAR TuneSys

Today I completed the install of some new SSD and FC disks in one of the 3PAR arrays I manage. Having added this extra capacity and performance it’s time to tune the array to make sure my data is re-spread across all the disks to ensure my wide stripping is optimal and I get every … Read more

HP 3PAR Disk Upgrade Work

I’ve finished installing 10 x 1.9TB SSD and 10 x 900GB FC (Fast-Class as HP calls it) in one of the two arrays, tomorrow I will be installing the disks in our second array so that they are both in line again. I really can’t wait to let these new SSDs go to town on … Read more

HP 3PAR Cage Degraded and the Upgradecage Command

I came across a fault yesterday with one of the 3PAR arrays under my management. Logging onto the SAN with the management console I discovered one of the cages showing as degraded as shown in the screenshot below – As you can see cage0 is unable to report on the firmware status of either card … Read more