HPE C7000 Blade Chassis SSL Certificate Replacement

The SSL/TLS certificates on my HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) C7000 blade chassis expired this week and therefore required replacing. I’m a strong believer in always replacing certificates with valid ones generated by a certificate authority (CA). In my mind there isn’t much excuse in a business to not have an internal CA for this sort … Read more

Upgrade HP C7000 Blade Chassis Firmware

I run multiple HP C7000 blade chassis within my datacentres and keeping the ‘Onboard Administrator’ (OA) firmware up to date is an important task. Each blade chassis has a pair of OA’s to ensure redundancy in a failure event or during upgrades. The OA firmware can be updated in a number of ways and today … Read more

HP Smart Storage Administrator Cache Settings

I recently came across a few blade servers which, for whatever reason did not have their HP Smart Array controller configured for caching. These particular servers are HP StoreEasy blades with a Smart Array P220i controller. I’ll quickly run through the steps carried out to configure the Smart Array cache. Configuration I logged onto the … Read more