Compress Symbols Files To Save Space

If you’re like me and you have a number of debugging tools (WinDBG, Sysinternals tools, etc) you more than likely have a locally cached copy of the publicly available symbols. This certainly helps speed things up as you don’t have to query the online Microsoft repository every time you use one of these tools, however … Read more

Microsoft Cluster Shared Volume Caching

I recently learned of a feature which had previously been unknown to me – Microsoft Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) caching. I use both Hyper-V and VMware at work though typically I focus on VMware as that is where the majority of our environment runs. I am deploying more systems to Hyper-V every day and the … Read more

HP Smart Storage Administrator Cache Settings

I recently came across a few blade servers which, for whatever reason did not have their HP Smart Array controller configured for caching. These particular servers are HP StoreEasy blades with a Smart Array P220i controller. I’ll quickly run through the steps carried out to configure the Smart Array cache. Configuration I logged onto the … Read more