HPE CLX Virtual Machine Protection Fails

Recently a colleague was attempting to configure the cluster extension protection (CLX) which is required by our Active/Active HPE 3PAR storage setup. Our Microsoft Failover Clusters are stretched over geographically separate sites and the Cluster Share Volumes (CSV) are spread over the 3PAR storage arrays in each site. We use the CLX software to manage … Read more

HPE 3PAR Remote Copy Volumes Both Read Only

I recently ‘enjoyed’ working on an issue where a 3PAR remote copy group issue resulted in both virtual volumes entering a read-only state. I’ve seen a similar problem where both copies go into a read-write state which is probably more worrying when it happens. Let’s take a look at the problem, the data I had … Read more

HPE CLX Error – Socket connection timed out to port 2550

This week I came across an interesting problem on one of our Microsoft Failover Clusters (FOC) which utilises the HPE Cluster Extensions (CLX) software to  provide failover support with our HPE 3PAR arrays. A couple of roles within one FOC showed the CLX resource as failed with everything else still showing as online. We were … Read more

Microsoft Failover Cluster Fails With Error Code: 0x80071398

Today I spent quite some time building SQL server instances on a Microsoft Failover Cluster. Everything appeared to go as expected with no errors or alerts generated during or after install. Unfortunately at the end I encountered an unexpected error. Once I had completed deployment to all nodes I tried to move my newly created … Read more

Microsoft Failover Cluster–Unable to remove a CSV due to dependency

We have a Microsoft 2012 R2 Failover Cluster (FOC) with disk resources presented from our HP 3PAR SAN. At some point two of the volumes were removed on the 3PAR however they had not been removed as Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) on the FOC. When we attempted to remove the disks as CSV resources and … Read more

HP 3PAR Disk Tier Sizing with Autonomic Optimisation

This is going to be a fairly short post outlining my thoughts and experiences with regard to 3PAR arrays using synchronous replication (Peer Persistence and Cluster Extensions or CLX) and the sizing of disk tiers. My current environment consists of two 7400 (2 node) 3PAR arrays running synchronous replication using Remote Copy over Fibre Channel … Read more

HP 3PAR Cluster Extension (CLX) License Issue

I had to troubleshoot a Microsoft Failover Cluster with a SQL instance recently and it proved an interesting one. This cluster uses the HP 3PAR Cluster Extension software (CLX) to interact with the 3PAR arrays in our datacenters and facilitate the movement of the SQL instance between sites. Note – the HP 3PAR CLI (command … Read more