TechUG April 2020

TechUG April 2020 For those who attended my TechUG presentation – thank you. Below you will find links to download my presentation along with the GitHub code repository. Please note the slides are meant as talking points and do not necessarily include all topics or information discussed as part of the ‘live’ presentation. The talk … Read more TechUG April 2020

Large Text File Problem – PowerShell To The Rescue

I came across a server today that was running low on disk space for the OS C:\ partition. It only took a moment to find a TXT file on the root of the drive that was around 40GB in size. It goes without saying that there was no hope of Notepad opening the file to … Read more Large Text File Problem – PowerShell To The Rescue

Rename Windows Network Adapter with Powershell

I like my servers configured exactly the way I want – this extends even to minor things like the name of a network adapter interface. I’m slowly rebuilding my lab with the latest versions of ESXi and Microsoft Windows Server 2016. I noticed that my new 2016 servers were creating the network adapter with a … Read more Rename Windows Network Adapter with Powershell

PowerShell Cryptographic Hash Checker

I decided to build a little cryptographic hash checker in PowerShell leveraging some built-in cmdlets and other functions. While there are lots of tools that already do this, many with very nice GUIs I decided it would be fun to build one of my own. The newly made cmdlet is very simple. You select what cryptographic … Read more PowerShell Cryptographic Hash Checker