Configure HTTP Strict Transport Security HSTS htaccess

I configured my site for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) a while back and being satisfied it was all running OK I figured it was about time I configure my site to be preloaded in popular browsers. When I went to the website to submit my site I received an interesting message – Unnecessary HSTS header over … Read more

Microsoft Unified Access Gateway (UAG) HTTP to HTTPS Redirect Configuration

If you are running the Microsoft Unified Access Gateway (UAG) to present websites to the Internet you are likely using HTTPS for each portal. If you haven’t setup a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS then users will encounter issues if they do not specify HTTPS in the URL. The solution to this is very simple, … Read more

HP 3PAR StoreServ Management Console SSMC–SSL Certificate Replacement

HP have released the latest version of the 3PAR StoreServe Management Console or SSMC for short. It is the web based version of the classic 3PAR Management Console application. Having deployed the latest version I needed to replace the default self-signed SSL certificate with one from my certificate authority (CA). This wasn’t immediately easy as … Read more