Updated Computer Name App

Way back in February 2016 I put together a small C# and XAML application which displayed the users computer hostname, IP address and Active Directory domain. This was to replace a tool used internally at work written in an older code (which still checked out). I had for ages talked about adding a little icon … Read more

C# and XAML App to Show Computer Name Domain and IP

I recently put together a little application written in C# and XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) which provides a user with their computer name, domain and IP addresses. At work we have an older tool which does something similar but I wanted to get to grips with C’# and this seemed like a good place … Read more

VMware Networking Error – IP address already assigned to another adapter KB 1179

This is an old fault that I thought I wouldn’t see again however I came across a VM this morning which tried to automatically update it’s VMware tools install and failed. The machine was left without the tools and we had to deploy them manually. This wasn’t difficult of course however after the reboot the … Read more