Kali Linux Update Fails – Key Outdated

If like me you have Kali Linux installations you may have come across a slight problem recently whereby the public key had expired resulting in an error when attempting to update. You likely received something similar to the example below when attempting an apt update – root@kali:/# apt update Hit:1 https://apt.dockerproject.org/repo debian-stretch InRelease Get:2 http://ftp.hands.com/kali … Read more

Kali Linux Open-VM-Tools Autostart

I have a Kali Linux virtual machine with the open-vm-tools package installed. Unfortunately the service did not setup to autostart on boot. This of course means I don’t benefit from the enhancements and functionality provided by the tools.   Check Service Status To check whether the service is running we can leverage the service command … Read more

Kali Linux Apt Repositories Missing

I went to update a Kali Linux virtual machine recently and found it wasn’t pulling back anything when running the apt-get update command. This was a new deployment of Kali so I figured the sources.list file must be missing the necessary repositories. It’s important to note that my examples are executed while running as root, … Read more