Changes to Microsoft Licencing in Windows Server 2016

We are still waiting for Microsoft Server 2016 to be released but there is information out now which outlines changes to the licensing model we are currently familiar with. This change is definitely something you want to make yourself familiar with as it could alter your hardware plans for future server purchases. First off let … Read more

HP 3PAR Simulator License Expiration Issue

I’ve received quite a few messages and comments with regard to the HP 3PAR simulator and a license issue. Basically HP have to include a time license for compliance reasons. They are currently working to upload an updated version of the simulator for us all to download and enjoy. For the moment the simplest work around … Read more

HP 3PAR Cluster Extension (CLX) License Issue

I had to troubleshoot a Microsoft Failover Cluster with a SQL instance recently and it proved an interesting one. This cluster uses the HP 3PAR Cluster Extension software (CLX) to interact with the 3PAR arrays in our datacenters and facilitate the movement of the SQL instance between sites. Note – the HP 3PAR CLI (command … Read more