pfSense E-mail Notifications with Google GMAIL

This is a quick post to remind me how to configure a pfSense appliance for e-mail notifications sent through Google GMAIL. Configuration was quick and easy – E-mail server: SMTP Port of E-mail server: 465 Secure SMTP Connection: Enable SMTP over SSL/TLS ticked From E-mail address: [choose an appropriate e-mail] Notification E-mail address: [the … Read more

VMware vRealize Log Insight Deployment

If you have a VMware environment and you haven’t yet deployed the vRealize Log Insight appliance you really should. While the ‘Log Insight’ platform is a licensed product VMware do provide it with a number of free licenses included so depending on your environment size you may not even need to pay. In this post … Read more

HP 3PAR CheckHealth Command

If you are running a HP 3PAR storage array you want to be certain it’s in a healthy state at all times. While you could look through all of the management menus to check the status of components it’s far easier to leverage the checkhealth command. Let’s take a look at the command and some … Read more

NetApp Statit Command

Reviewing performance metrics on a NetApp Data ONTAP operating system can be achieved a number of ways. Recently I was reviewing some FAS2040 filers which appeared to be struggling with the load placed on them. My first action was to SSH into each filer and use the ‘statit’ command to gather some performance data. There are … Read more

HP 3PAR StoreServe Management Console (SSMC) Version 2.2 Upgrade

HP have released an upgrade for the StoreServe Management Console (SSMC) software for 3PAR storage arrays. The latest version is 2.2 and is available from the following link – I’ve copied the info below from the HP portal, as you can see the list of improvements is quite lengthy. These enhancements to the product … Read more

HP 3PAR Vision–Monitoring Solution Version

Not too long ago I did a quick review of the HP 3PAR Vision monitoring software from I received an e-mail informing me a new version had been released and today I’ll give another quick overview of the product, it’s changes and my opinion. The original review can be found here – Installation … Read more

HP 3PAR Vision–Monitoring Solution

Today I deployed the 3PAR Vision monitoring software from A free trial is available and the company sent me a Tweet with details and I decided to give it a shot and provide some feedback to those of you reading this site and the company itself. Installer Requirements .NET Framework 4.5 is installed on … Read more