pfSense Routing Loop Fun

I recently upgraded my pfSense appliance to the latest code release (currently 2.4.4-RELEASE (amd64)) and since doing so I’ve had a few strange occasions where my devices are unable to access the Internet or more precisely certain ports are working while others do not. Let me explain further and then explain what I’ve done which … Read more pfSense Routing Loop Fun

Replace Synology SSL Certificate with pfSense CA Issued

I recently made an addition to my setup in the form of a Synology DS716+ii NAS – I’ll probably write some more posts about it in the near future but for now I want to cover how I replaced the default SSL/TLS certificate it uses with one issued by my pfSense system. My home computer … Read more Replace Synology SSL Certificate with pfSense CA Issued

pfSense SSH Key Authentication

Following on from previous posts about my new pfSense device I’m going to write a quick guide on how to add authorised SSH keys to a user account so one can move away from password based authentication when connecting over Secure Shell (SSH). There are many clients available for SSH connectivity and key generation, I … Read more pfSense SSH Key Authentication

pfSense DNS Resolution for DHCP Leases

Name resolution makes life easier for everything so today I’ll show you how I’ve setup my pfSense device to perform DNS resolution on devices registered via pfSense DHCP.   pfSense General Setup – Domain In this example I’m going to use the default domain name configured with pfSense. Obviously this should be tweaked for your … Read more pfSense DNS Resolution for DHCP Leases

pfSense Wake On LAN

This is a pretty short post on how to use pfSense to send ‘Wake On LAN (WOL) magic packets’ to an endpoint – in this case a server. I should mention that the servers I’m setting up for WOL do have their own IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) port which I can logon to and … Read more pfSense Wake On LAN

pfSense Universal Plug and Play UPnP NAT-PMP Configuration

Following my recent purchase and deployment of a pfSense SG-4860 I’ve been working my way through the wealth of settings to get everything up and running. While taking a break I fired up my Playstation 4 and then found it wouldn’t connect out, a quick check showed it was trying to leverage ‘Universal Plug and … Read more pfSense Universal Plug and Play UPnP NAT-PMP Configuration

pfSense E-mail Notifications with Google GMAIL

This is a quick post to remind me how to configure a pfSense appliance for e-mail notifications sent through Google GMAIL. Configuration was quick and easy – E-mail server: SMTP Port of E-mail server: 465 Secure SMTP Connection: Enable SMTP over SSL/TLS ticked From E-mail address: [choose an appropriate e-mail] Notification E-mail address: [the … Read more pfSense E-mail Notifications with Google GMAIL

pfSense SG-4860

My home lab is certainly turning into quite a setup and I now have another new device to add to it – the pfSense SG-4860 hardware unit. I’ve played around with pfSense in virtual machines over the years but never got round to actually deploying it as my home router. I finally took the plunge … Read more pfSense SG-4860