HP 3PAR Quorum Witness Server Deployment and Configuration

In my environment we have two HP 3PAR 7400 arrays configured for synchronous replication. They are separated by about 16 miles with a 10Gb DWDM (dense wave devision multiplexing) link. We use Peer Persistence for VMware and HP CLX cluster extensions for Hyper-V to enable seamless failover between arrays. A vital component is the HP … Read more

HP 3PAR Quorum Witness Role

In this post we will look at deploying the HP 3PAR quorum witness – this is a vital system when running arrays with Peer Persistence synchronous replication as it allows us to arbitrate in a split brain scenario. First off what does it do and why do we care? The quorum witness is a virtual … Read more

Changing Microsoft Failover Cluster File Share Witness

I need to migrate my Microsoft Failover Clusters (FOCs) from one file share witness (FSW) quorum to another. Currently they point to a virtual machine (VM) running from an old site with a single rack mount server. This isn’t ideal and was only ever a temporary solution and now we are ready to move the … Read more