Identify SQL Table Disk Space Usage

I recently came across an issue where one of our database servers had exhausted it’s drive space and the application had failed due to this. In this instance, it happened to be a server running one of our SolarWinds monitoring databases. We had recently extended the disk space by 50GB and this was consumed in … Read more

HPE 3PAR Remote Copy Volumes Both Read Only

I recently ‘enjoyed’ working on an issue where a 3PAR remote copy group issue resulted in both virtual volumes entering a read-only state. I’ve seen a similar problem where both copies go into a read-write state which is probably more worrying when it happens. Let’s take a look at the problem, the data I had … Read more

Trend Micro Deep Security Remove Old Licenses

If you are running Trend Micro Deep Security you may at some point add a trial license to your management server. This is something we did to demonstrate functionality and help to build a business case. One problem you will encounter is once the key expires you will begin to receive alerts which you cannot … Read more