Trend Micro ScanMail Virtual Analyzer Connection Troubleshooting

I’ve been working on our Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer (DDAN in Trend parlance) and today I finally finished off the virtual image which it will use to sandbox suspicious files/URLs. Having finished that work I figured I’d take a look at integrating our Trend Micro ScanMail for Exchange (SMEX) systems so that e-mails can … Read more

Trend Micro OfficeScan IIS 503.2 Error Work Around

One of my Trend Micro OfficeScan servers recently started to experience problems resulting in IIS 503.2 error messages being displayed. This was rather poor timing as I was actually in the process of migrating OfficeScan clients to this new server running version 12 or XG as they are calling it. After some work with Trend … Read more

New Trend Micro Smart Protection Server Certificate Replacement Option

I finally got round to uploading my instructions on how to replace the self-signed SSL/TLS certificate on Trend Micro Smart Protection Servers (SPS) and now they go and create a menu option to make it easy for everyone to do! Well to be fair the number of requests I got asking me to upload my … Read more

Upgrade Trend Micro Smart Protection Server

I finally got round to upgrading the Trend Micro Smart Protection Server (SPS) appliances in my datacenters. I’ve written about them previously including deployment and how to configure SSL/TLS certificates. I noticed that version 3.1 was available and I hadn’t yet installed so figured now would be a good time.   Firstly if you want … Read more

Trend Micro OfficeScan Disable Automatic Agent Upgrade

I recently upgraded one of our Trend Micro OfficeScan management servers to the latest ‘XG’ (v12) version. Typically once the server side software has been upgraded it automatically begins to push out the new program version to all OfficeScan agents. Sometimes you want this, for example you might just be applying a minor hotfix or … Read more

Trend Micro Smart Protection Server SSL TLS Certificate Replacement

If you run Trend Micro business products you should really consider running a Smart Protection Server (SPS) appliance in your datacenter. In a previous post I stepped through the process of deploying an SPS appliance in a VMware environment. It is possible to deploy to Hyper-V as well so don’t worry if you aren’t running … Read more

Trend Micro Deep Security Multi Factor Authentication

If you’re running the latest version of Trend Micro Deep Security you can now take advantage of a great feature, multi-factor authentication (MFA). This is also known as two factor authentication (2FA). Why is this a good thing? Well these days it’s rare that a week goes by without us hearing about another company being … Read more

Trend Micro OfficeScan VDI Image Install

Today we are working on the gold image for our Microsoft RDS VDI environment. This build runs Windows 7 x86 along with core apps and is protected by Trend Micro OfficeScan. As I’m sure many people will know anti-malware software does not always take kindly to being imaged. Usually there is either a tool, script … Read more