Cisco CLI Analyzer

I recently came across a great tool provided by Cisco. I hadn’t heard of it before, or seen it mentioned anywhere I frequent so I figured time to do a quick blog post. Cisco CLI Analyzer (or analyser for the rest of us English speakers) To start with, let’s link to the official page – … Read more Cisco CLI Analyzer

Get-SupportInfo – PowerShell Support Function

I’ve been working on a PowerShell support function to assist service desk personnel and escalation teams in diagnosing issues on client systems. Recently I finished uploading my work to GitHub and creating milestones and a planner to track development. You can find the code on GitHub at this link – Please note – this … Read more Get-SupportInfo – PowerShell Support Function

Network Device Reload in x

Today I was talking to a colleague about an issue at one of our sites, unfortunately a change had been made which brought down the network in that building. Basically some port changes were being made and unfortunately an engineer made the change to a port which was a member of a port channel and … Read more Network Device Reload in x

Troubleshooting Lessons Learnt

My colleagues and I have been tackling a rather interesting fault over the past few weeks and I’m going to write separately about the technical issues we faced and how we worked with our suppliers to identify the cause. In this post I want to mention a few ‘lessons learnt’ with regard to the soft … Read more Troubleshooting Lessons Learnt

WinDbg Analysis of Game Crash

I’ve really been looking forward to playing a new game (‘Battlefleet Gothic Armada’ set in the Warhammer 40k universe) so when the beta was released to pre-order customers I was very much looking forward to a new game set in one of my favourite intellectual properties. Unfortunately I’ve been having no end of crashes with … Read more WinDbg Analysis of Game Crash