VMware Workstation and Hyper-V Future Compatibility

For a long time I’ve used both Hyper-V and VMware Workstation to provide virtualisation capabilities on both my desktop and laptop. With Windows 10 there were good security reasons to enable Hyper-V (Virtualisation Based Security, Credential Guard, Device Guard, etc) facilitating a hardened platform more resistant to attack. The challenge with doing so is that … Read more

VMware vCenter – Another Task Is Already In Progress

If you’ve ever tried to execute a task in vCenter only to be told that another task is already in progress but you can’t see it then this post may be of use to you. In this example I tried to initiate a removal of all snapshots against a target virtual machine – vCenter then … Read more

Synology Active Backup For Business – VMware Lab Protection

I have a Synology NAS at home which is used for both my home lab and general NAS purposes (file shares, Plex, etc). I recently setup the ‘Active Backup For Business’ (ABfB) package on my Synology as I wanted to try out the backup function for my VMware lab. Excitingly for me the ABfB package … Read more

VMware TestDrive

I recently received an e-mail as part of my VMware User Group Advantage (VMUG) membership informing me about a new VMware service named ‘TestDrive’. I will provide information below taken from the e-mail invitation and from the website itself – https://portal.vmtestdrive.com/ TestDrive provides VMware customers, partners, employees, and VMUG Advantage members the opportunity to explore … Read more

vSAN host cannot be moved to the destination cluster: vSAN cluster UUID mismatch

This is a very quick post regarding the error message received below when attempting to add a VMware ESXi host with an existing vSAN partition to a new vCenter. The vSAN host cannot be moved to the destination cluster: vSAN cluster UUID mismatch In my case the complete error is as follows – Add hostStatus: … Read more

VMware VMUG – Hello From My Home Lab Goes International – Episode 5

Well I might as well link this here seeing as it’s on Twitter and various other places! I had the pleasure of doing a web session with Lindy from VMware for the ‘Hello From My Home Lab’ series and it’s been up on YouTube and I think showing at VMworld 2018. I’ve been meaning to … Read more

TechUG April 2018

For those who attended my TechUG presentation – thank you. Below you will find links to the presentations along with reference documents and URLs that will assist in further reading. If you did not attend please be mindful the slides were talking points and additional aspects were discussed and of course this material does not … Read more

vCenter OVF Deployment Fails Access-Control-Allow-Origin Header Error

*** VMware Update *** This issue has been reported to engineering. They are currently working on it and have scheduled the fix for 6.5 u2 which has been scheduled for release in Q2 We’ve been having some fun deploying OVF files to our VMware vCenter appliance environment lately. Historically this has worked just fine but … Read more


Well I finally took the plunge and invested my cash into the VMware VMUG Advantage subscription for a year. If you are unsure what that is let me provide you with some links and short descriptions below. https://www.vmug.com/ As per their own ‘About’ section – Officially launched in August of 2010, the VMware User Group … Read more