Trend Micro Deep Security Remove Old Licenses

If you are running Trend Micro Deep Security you may at some point add a trial license to your management server. This is something we did to demonstrate functionality and help to build a business case. One problem you will encounter is once the key expires you will begin to receive alerts which you cannot dismiss regarding an expired license key.

This is rather frustrating however there is an easy way to resolve this issue – as ever ensure you have a recent backup of the Deep Security management server and the database before carrying out maintenance tasks.

Note – This article assumes you are running the system with Microsoft SQL server.

  • Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • Select the database for Deep Security Manager
  • Click to create a new Query
  • Enter the following for your query, remember to replace the database name with your own-
Use TrendDeepSecurity
truncate table dbo.modulestatuses
truncate table dbo.activationcodes
  • Click Execute

SQL Query


This should remove the license records however you may receive an alert stating “Cannot truncate table ‘dbo.activationcodes’ because it is being referenced by a Foreign KEY constraints” – should this happen you will need to use the command

delete from dbo.activationcodes


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