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I finally got round to upgrading the Trend Micro Smart Protection Server (SPS) appliances in my datacenters. I’ve written about them previously including deployment and how to configure SSL/TLS certificates. I noticed that version 3.1 was available and I hadn’t yet installed so figured now would be a good time.


Firstly if you want to check your existing version you can just log onto the web console and use the ‘Help’ and ‘About’ options.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Server - Help About

This will open a new window with a bunch of legal information but the important part is at the top.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Server - Version Details Before Upgrade

In my case I’m running version 3.0 build 1153 – time to get up to date I think!


Upgrade Process

Upgrading is really easy, grab the package from the Trend Micro download page and upload to the appliance.

If you need the download URL the following should take you to the SPS page – http://downloadcenter.trendmicro.com/index.php?regs=NABU&clk=latest&clkval=4974&lang_loc=1

You could download the full package and deploy new SPS servers but in this instance I’m just grabbing the upgrade package.

The next step is to logon to the web console and browse to the ‘Upload Component’ section.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Server - Update Upload Component


Click to choose the upgrade package file and then click the ‘Upload option. The interface will then stream the upgrade package to the appliance, you can monitor it’s progress via the browser window.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Server - Uploading Upgrade Package

Now that the file is uploaded to the appliance the web console will display the package details. The console also indicates whether the SPS services will need to be restarted along with the appliance itself. In this instance both are restarted – you should always run multiple SPS appliances to ensure you have continuity of service when one is unavailable.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Server - Upgrade Package Details

After clicking the ‘Update Now’ button a prompt will appear asking for confirmation.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Server - Restart Confirmation

Trend Micro Smart Protection Server - Ugrade Progress

Once the upgrade is complete and the appliance has restarted itself you can confirm success.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Server - Ugrade Complete

One thing I did find frustrating was the reset of my custom SSL/TLS certificate to a self-signed one created during the upgrade.

Trend Micro have finally provided an interface in the web console to replace SSL/TLS certificates so I guess I can’t complain too much, my old technique which I wrote about in this post still works of course – Trend Micro Smart Protection Server SSL TLS Certificate Replacement



Hopefully this is useful to whomever needs it – the upgrade task really isn’t difficult but if you haven’t done it before and are nervous rest assured it is a simple process.

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    • The process is fairly simple and straightforward – if you are concerned you can take a snapshot of the virtual machine before commencing work so you have an easy rollback if something did go wrong.


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