Website Migration Fun

Well the new year is here, I can’t believe it is already 2017!

During the festive season I had to renew my web hosting and domain registration. Both previously sat with Bluehost and while it was ‘alright’ I had some frustrations especially with frequent notifications that my site had gone down. This is never a good thing; Bluehost stated their ‘cloud’ hosting option would have 3 copies of your website spread across their global infrastructure meaning a fault in one DC didn’t take you offline – OK great so why is it every time my site was offline they told me it was an issue with ‘the server’ and they were investigating? Surely that is irrelevant as I have another 2 identical copies to route to? Hmm not good… the final straw was a notification that they were upgrading the backend MySQL database environment and no downtime would occur yet my site immediately went offline with database error messages shown instead.

With all that said it was time to move somewhere else and initially I had considered Digital Ocean or Vultr for example. I mean I manage infrastructure all day – what’s a few more VMs/containers to take care of? Yeah – I quickly put this idea aside as I don’t want another system to update and maintain. Therefore I moved the site to a company called ‘FastComet‘ as I got a good WordPress hosting deal out of them. So far things seem pretty good and they are quick to respond to any support cases open. My one frustration is their requirement you provide them with cpanel passwords to access your account to check things – they told me they couldn’t handle a case as the password they had on record did not work. Well hate to break it to you guys but the first thing I did was change that password from the one you gave me on sign-up to an entirely random one with great length.

As well as moving my website I shifted the domain registration to a company name Hover – I can only say good things so far as the process was not only smooth and the price very good but it allows me to keep this separate to my web host. I also enabled DNSSEC immediately alongside my CloudFlare account, again very simple to do and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I also like that Hover don’t charge me for ‘WHOIS privacy’ while most other companies do.


I hope that my experience with FastComet remains positive and I don’t see those dreaded ‘site down’ notifications. Over the next year I want to try and post more regularly than I have done though life tends to interfere with that!

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