WordPress Desktop App Buttons Not Working Fix

Oh the fun I’ve had recently with the WordPress desktop application! I’ve grown quite fond of using it and after I moved my website from one host to another I noticed certain things didn’t seem to be working quite right.

One of the bugs involved the application basically crashing when using the mouse right-click button. It would cause the main window of the application to go white and basically that was it I ended up losing whatever I had been working on in my post since the last auto-save. This issue is actually being tracked on GitHub as many people are experiencing it. What was more frustrating after I deployed the latest version (in hopes of getting past the right-click issue) was my inability to write any new posts or make use of a variety of the applications buttons. The right-click issue didn’t get resolved (I just had it hit me after instinctively clicking my mouse) and now I found I had even less functionality so it was sad faces all around.

I tried logging off and back onto the application, upgrading and downgrading between various versions and even testing it on my work laptop which also decided it no longer wanted to work. Finally I decided tonight to go digging for the applications working directory in my profile. I found this in the application data variable location %appdata% or if you want the full path C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming

In here is a folder name “WordPress.com” which I renamed to “OLD_WordPress.com” and then launched the application to try once more. It requested I login again and then presented me with the main screen and I immediately noticed that the stats for my last post were now displaying. I then tried clicking the various buttons which had not worked – including the ‘Write’ button to create this post and hey presto everything is good again.

I had a few things I wanted to take care of this weekend, one of which was rebuilding my home lab and upgrading the firmware and BIOS on my servers – in the end I watched ‘The Man in the High Castle’ and then fixed my WordPress desktop app. Not quite the plan but certainly satisfying on both accounts!

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